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Launched in 2002, TMurgent provides Consulting Services to companies dealing with Server Based and Hosted Application issues. 

Founder Tim Mangan

Founder Tim Mangan has over 25 years of experience in developing software and systems.  Prior to starting TMurgent, he has worked as a developer, researcher, and an executive at companies including ComputerVision, Infinet, Memotec, Teleglobe, Avanti Communications, TyLink, Sync Research, Wells Fargo, Software Wow, and Softricity.

Examples of TMurgent engagements...

Software Developent

TMulimit Product

  • Patented CPU Optimization software.  This software product was designed and sold by TMurgent from 2002 - 2004 through the reseller and integrator channel.  It enhanced the CPU scheduling of Microsoft Operating Systems and was widely used in the Terminal Server / Citrix environment. 
  • This patented Quality of Service approach to properly balancing the opearating system was later sold to triCerat and is currently sold by them under the name "Simplify Resources".

WMI Provider for Citrix and/or Terminal Servers 

  • Developed a highly efficient custom WMI provider for a vendor in the Application Performance Management (APM) space. 
  • Provided Server, Session, and Application detail from the operating system.
  • Provided tie-in to End-user generated statisics.
  • Provided tie-in to back-end components also.  This allowed for a complete "end to end" view of application performance.

Server Load Balacer

  • Developed prototype of a advanced load balancer for Terminal Servers for a vendor.

USB Support under ICA

  • Developed software to provide client side USB support to an ISV for an application to run on the Citrix Server.

Application Adaptation

Softricity SoftGrid

  • Founder Tim Mangan was previously with Softricity, where he guided the development of the SoftGrid platform as VP of Engineering.  later, as VP of Technology there, he spearheaded the Sequencer and designed the original Sequencer Training Course.   This experience allowed TMurgent to provide outsourced sequencing services.
  • TMurgent has provided consulting services to sequence applications with SoftGrid for countless enterprises and resellers around the world.
  • TMurgent provided Softricity with outsourced Quality Assurance Testing of the SoftGrid platform on Server 2003.
  • TMurgent has provided customized on-site SoftGrid training courses.

Citrix Application Readyness

  • Provided Application ISVs with a unique "Application Analysis Service" that analyzes an application for readyness for deployment in Terminal Server and Citrix environments.  Analysis typically consists of two parts for two different audiences. 
  • An external white paper details correct installation procedures and adaptations needed for use in this envronment.  This paper is intended for (potential) customer distribution to boldly say "Yes, we support Citrix"!
  • The internal paper is for the ISV internal development organization to improve the product in the next release such that adaptations will no longer be needed.



  • Tim Mangan is available for speaking at conferences in areas related to technology used in this space. 

Training Courses

  • Video based training is available from the web-site.
  • On-site training related to Softricity at Integrators and End User sites.
  • On-site education on Server Based and Hosted Computing to ISV and Hardware Manufacturers.


White Papers

  • TMurgent is known for providing independent, high-quality, research oriented white papers that are available from the website.
  • Researched and written by Founder Tim Mangan, these papers explain complex technology in clear and easy to understand terms, without a marketing or product pitch to get in the way.
  • Past papers by Mr. Mangan have been published by the International Journal of Network Management and by the Brian Madden Company.
  • TMurgent also provides technical reviews for other publications.