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Research, Training, & Education

Why come to TMurgent? Because TMurgent can provide a cost effective way to move rapidly into new markets. Time is ticking.


TMurgent regularly provides unique and independent research to the Server-based and Hosted Computing space. You can also leverage these capabilities to provide research into technical areas that you do not have the staff or time to pursue on your own. Product and/or Patent research can be provided without significantly impacting your existing organization, helping you be ready to make that next great leap, eh, once you finish up this other thing that's just too important right now.


Maybe you already know what that next big thing is. If you see it maybe others do too. You need to get your staff up-to-speed on the technology so you can be first to market. Or maybe second to market but with a better thought out solution. We can help.


TMurgent can provide on-site training for your staff or your customers. Whether you need App-V Training, or help with other Server and Hosted Computing technology, development, or SoftGrid/App-V Sequencing, and more.