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IT Pro MSIX "Idiot's Class"  
From Friday, November 02, 2018
To Sunday, November 04, 2018

I will be hosting an initial workshop/class on MSIX for IT Professionals and Consultants as part of in Athens on Saturday, November 3rd. The Conference is three days (Fri-Sunday) and is the best place for the "A" players in our industry to trade information.

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Why is it an "Idiot's Class"? Well several others are running "Masters" classes on a variety of topics, and while I consider out App-V classes to be Master's level quality, that just isn't possible when it comes to MSIX yet. We are only now just scratching the surface of some very early versions of components and don't even have the full roadmap of what and when Microsoft will actually support with the technology.

In the class I'll explain the purpose, show you the techniques with the then current tooling available. We'll cover what's working, what isn't, and just how the heck we debug software running inside a container. It is a first attempt at this, and you'll be a "Ginny Pig", but the best way to understand a technology is to work with it when it is in its infancy.

Location Novotel Athens, Greece
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