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PowerShell with App-v 5 Front coverUpdated for 5.1.  Now available in both paper and electronic form.

With the release of Application Virtualization version 5.0, Microsoft changed out all of the old scripting and programming interfaces and replaced them with PowerShell interface modules. In this book, the authors dig well below the limited online help that comes with the product to fully expose not only the PowerShell cmdlets but underlying object interfaces, with numerous examples.  

Both IT Professionals looking to build some custom scripting, and Developers who want to build add-on products will find this complete reference guide a valuable resource for working with App-V. This book is not only more accurate than the release documentation, but is full of working examples on how to use the four PowerShell modules released with the product.

Written by Tim and Kate Mangan, this is a reference guide that aims to correctly document the PowerShell API exposed at the App-V 5 client, sequencer, and server.  Provides corrected syntax and examples of all of the App-V 5 cmdlets, as well as exposing the data object properties and methods required for more advanced use of the API. 

Version 5.1 of the book contains not only updates to reflect product changes, but we have added more extensive PowerShell script examples, often based on work performed for customers using App-V.  The page count of the book has expanded from 275 pages to 382 pages. 

Both paper or electronic copies may be purchased online via our publisher at  The books may also show up on other online retailers (like Amazon), but the author gets a much bigger cut of the action when purchased through Lulu (and your cost is the same).

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