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TMEdit  The Ultimate App-V Package Editor


AutoUpdatePackage Utility

In addition to the TMEdit GUI interface, the product also includes a command-line utility called AutoUpdatePackage.exe that can make many basic package changes without a GUI.

This is useful in scripting bulk or common changes to packages.

The command takes two parameters, one for the App-V file to be updated, and another for the controlling policy file.

This policy file allows you to define the types of fixes that you would like to apply. There is a template Fixups.xml file in the install folder to work from.  This file contains documentation on the currently available fixups, but with them all disabled.  Edit and save off a copy of this file for your scenario.  Some common scenarios include:

  • Removing unwanted OS tags which cause the package to not be allowed on Windows 10
  • Removing all Shortcuts, FTAs, and Shell Extensions from packages published via Citrix Storefront, Microsoft Remote App, or other application portal launchers. 
  • RES/Ivanti users that create their own shortcuts are also interested in disabling the shortcut publishing by App-V.
  • Connection Groups require matching package settings for COM and others.

Here is a quick video that shows how this all works:

9-minute video showing you all this!