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Version:   Jan 1, 2018   Download from here.

PassiveInstall  is a free PowerShell module useful for creating custom application installation scripts. Useful for installs deployed via many means, including system imaging, configuration manager, application layering, and application virtualization, there is specific support for App-V sequencing in combination with the TMurgent AppV_Manage tool that generates scripts using PassiveInstall. .

Automate your software installs.  PassiveInstall  is a free Windows PowerShell module that creates a framework suitable to your needs in automating the installation without a costly MSI repackaging operation.

Write simple PowerShell scripts that can control and improve upon the software as delivered to you by the software vendor. The framework provides simple cmdlets that perform most of the typical tasks you may need to perform without having to worry about some of the peculurarities of writting in PowerShell.  Spend your time wisely and end up with application installs with the best end-user experience from a feature and performance perspective.

Some examples:

  • Let's say that you want to add an additional file to the install.  The proper way to do that in PowerShell requires that you test for the existance of each directory in the folder path of your intended destination and create the folder if not present before copying the file or the copy will fail.  The Copy-PassiveFile cmdlet lifts you of that burdern.
  • Lets say that you want to install an msi, patch it with a msp, import a registry file, and run a cmd or powershell script, and finally extract a bunch of files from a zip archive.  With PassiveInstall, you just call the Install-PassiveFile cmdlet with each file.  If the command needed arguments, like "/qn", you add those to the line as well.  No need to remember the full syntax on how to call the command line to use each file type, PassiveInstall does the work for you!

Even better, when used in conjunction with the App-V Sequencer and our AppV_Manage tool, you can automatically generate improvement scripts to fix many of the common shortcomings of vendor installers based on an analysis of how it installed.

For additional information:

At The Learning Site @ TMurgent we have a online course to help get you introduced to the PassiveInstall tool.  The online course if free, and will show you how to install the module, how to learn more about each of the available cmdlets, and a lab that you can perform on your own to create your first customized installation script.  We also show the integration with the AppV_Manage tool to automatically generate an improvement for a vendor application.

The Application Book is a great book that was written by Tim Mangan for the IT Professionals that deal with installing and customizing applications and desktops.  The book is a sort of reversal of the Windows API; relating the artifacts of installation that you find when running an installer to understand the purpose of what the vendor was trying to do.  You can find  more information about the book and purchase a paperback book or e-book  from the website as well. Anyone doing involved with application delivery in a Microsoft environment needs this book!


Download here: PassiveInstall.Zip.