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The PimpMy family of products is designed to help companies improve the operation of other products they use.  At TMurgent, we believe that software that arrives from ISVs usually needs serious customization and often help. 

Pimping is an  American slang for customization of something you own.   You can pimp-out your car, you can pimp your apartment or home.  Now, for the first time you can pimp your software.

TMurgent Technologies is pleased to announce the first product line in the PimpMy product family.

PimpMy for SoftGrid and App-V

The first product line in this family is PimpMy For SoftGrid and App-V. This product line is dedicated to complementing the Administration aspects of both the Softricity and Microsoft versions of SoftGrid. SoftGrid is a platform for Application Virtualization and Streaming. More information on Microsoft Applicaiton Virtualization is availailable from Microsoft here.

PimpMy for SoftGrid and App-V is a line of products that support SoftGrid 4.0-4.2 and App-V 4.5. We launched this family with a Beta Version in the early Summer of 2007. This Beta served as a single prototype for all of the products that are to come under the PimpMy for SoftGrid line. Click here to see the full capabilities of the Beta.

In the fall of 2007, a decision was made to break the functionality into several packages and to re-engineer the product for a couple of reasons.  First, we wanted to make the product more "plug and play".  Second, we wanted the product to support changes we anticipated when Microsoft releases SoftGrid 4.5.

In Jaunuary, 2008 we released the first package of this line.  This package, called "PimpMy for SoftGrid Real-Time Monitoring Package" , is aimed at the real-time monitoring needs for the Virtual Applicaiton Server.

In March, 2008 we released the second package.  This package, called "PimpMy for SoftGrid Help Desks Package" , is aimed at help desk personal supporting SoftGrid end-users.

Please see this page for more information on PimpMy for SoftGrid and App-V!