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PimpMy For SoftGrid

PimpMy for SoftGrid Real-Time Monitoring Package

How can Microsoft SoftGrid have no real-time reporting capabilities? How do you know how many users your server can support, or how many users are currently using them? How do you determine what users and what applications are in use? How do you test if the VAS is up?  How can you supppport tens of thousands of users and be blind to what your VAS is (or is not) doing?  This is one package you can't afford to not own!

This package includes the following:
  • PimpMonitor: A Windows Service that installs on your Virtual Application Servers. This service works with PimpVasWatch, the Management Pack, and additional future third party Management Products from leading vendors.
  • PimpVasWatch: A User Interface Applciation to Monitor and Trouble-shoot your Virtual Application Servers.
  • PimpMy For SoftGrid Management Pack: A Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 Management Pack for customers that use SCOM.

This package supports SoftGrid versions 4.0 through the 4.5 Beta. It probably works with earlier Softricity versions 2.5 and above, and with the final 4.5 release (including the new "Light-Weight" server) when that becomes available.

About PimpMonitor

This is a ultra-low overhead Windows Service that installs on your Virtual Application Servers and monitors VAS operations.  It supports both a high-efficiency binary protocol interface and a WMI Provider to enable external management components access to the acquired management information. PimpVasWatch and the Management Pack for SCOM that are included in this package use these interfaces.

Look for other management product vendors to use these interfaces in the near future.

About PimpVasWatch

PimpVasWatch is a WPF application that works with your SoftGrid infrastructure and the PiimpMonitor to provide you real-time information about VAS operations.  For example, see the screen shot below.

PimpVasWatch Display

About PimpMy for SoftGrid Management Pack

PimpMy for SoftGrid Management Pack is a Microsoft Systems Center Operations Manager 2007 sealed Management Pack. This is an optional component for customers that use SCOM 2007. In addition to VAS associated alerts and states, it adds key monitors such as client version checking, client cache usage, and VAS concurrent connection steams in use.

Management Pack for SCOM

For the full package documentation, including many more screen shots and details, Click this link to download the PDF.

Download the software for a 30 day trial from this link.

See Licensing RTMP for information on licensing and support.