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How can your Help Desk Personnel support Microsoft SoftGrid Users? What Applications have been assigned? Where are the shortcuts published? How do they know if the VAS is up? What about the Client? This is one package you can't afford to not own!

This package provides a simple to use Graphical User Interface that allows first-level Help Desk Personnel, without Administrative Access to SoftGrid, to work with end-user issues associated with SoftGrid enabled Applications.

Watch 4-minute Video of PimpMy For SoftGrid and App-V Help Desks in action!

This package supports SoftGrid versions 4.0 through the 4.5 Beta. It probably works with earlier Softricity versions 2.5 and above, and with the final 4.5 release (including the new "Light-Weight" server) when that becomes available.

PimpMyForSoftGridHelpDesks is a WPF application that works with your SoftGrid infrastructure to provide you information about Virtual Application Delivery.  For example, see the screen shot below.

PimpMy HD Apps Display

From here, the help desk personnel can see
  • What applications are assigned to this user.
  • Verify if all back-end files are available in the location they are registerred for.
  • Check that the applciations are currently enabled.
  • Determine where application shortcuts are published to.
  • Investigate File-Type Associations published with the Application.

With this product, Help Desk Personnel may also verify that the SoftGrid Service running on Virtual Applciation Servers is reachable and responding. Server Error Logs may also be viewed without remotely logging into the servers or needing special permissions.

For the full package documentation, including many more screen shots and details, Click this link to download the PDF.

Download the software for a 30 day trial from this link.

See Licensing HD for information on licensing and support.