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About TMurgent Training

TMurgent offers App-V Training in three forms:

We do offer a discount for returning students, when they want to upgrade their skills to the latest version of App-V.

We are frequently asked if we can accept Microsoft Training Vouchers. We can not, but you can purchase TMurgent Training Vouchers for these classes.

We are frequently asked if we offer online training. We do not.

We believe that a high quality training experience on deeply technical products requires a dedicated classroom experience involving hands-on activities and access to a very qualified instructor.

For those unable to benefit from attending one of our classes, we do have a number of online resources available on our website. While not a substitue for real training, maybe that can help.

Upcoming Classes

03 April 2017
Culemborg, Netherlands App-V 5.1/2 Master...see more

01 May 2017
Canberra, Australia App-V 5.1/2 Masters Trainin...see more

19 June 2017
Vienna, Austria App-V 5.1/2 Masters Training Cl...see more

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