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Semi-Private Microsoft App-V "Masters Level" Training by TMurgent

Don't have enough people to train to justify a private class?

Contact your local reseller and ask if they can host a semi-private class! They probably have another customer or two to help fill in the seats. A maximum of 10 seats is recommended in each class.

Or maybe host it yourself.  If you have 5 or more to start with, we can help you find others to fill a class.

Are you a reseller/integrator with customers needing App-V?

We will work with you with flexible plans based on your unique situation.

If you would like to arrange the best Microsoft Application Virtualization training around, contact Mary Jane at (+1) 781-535-4954. Please be sure to indicate if your interest is in a private or public class, the number of people, your location, and email and phone contact info.


Upcoming Classes

27 February 2018
Future Training Classes Phoenix, AZ  USA ...see more

12 March 2018
Future Training Classes Culemborg, Netherlands ...see more

19 March 2018
Future Training Classes Koln, Germany Ap...see more

28 May 2018
Future Training Classes Bern, Switzerland Ap...see more

04 June 2018
Future Training Classes Culemborg, Netherlands ...see more

11 June 2018
Future Training Classes Vienna, Austria App-...see more

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