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Public or Private Training?

While the course content is the same whether you attend a Public class or a Private one, we are often asked for advise about which class is better for them. There is no single answer to that question, but there are some factors for you to consider.

The primary factor is the cost. The registration costs even out at about 10 participants, but don't forget that you eliminate travel costs, which can be significant! So if your company has enough people to train it will be cheaper to host a private class. So the break even point will be more like 4 participants - depending on the specific travel costs.

The other factor is focus. A private class will be more tailored to your needs. We will focus on how you will use the product. Maybe you will use SCCM to deploy, but maybe not. Perhaps you are using a different version of the product.

On the other hand, in a public class you will gain additional benefit from discussions with people from other companies. Participants usually find discussions with their peers that have different challenges and internal processes quite helpful as well.

The final factor is timing.  While you might need to wait for a public class, scheduling of a private class is more flexible. 

If you choose a private class or wish to engage our consulting services, please contact Mary Jane for arrangements. You may be redirected back to this page to complete a registration form and make payments.