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TMurgent builds a log of tools to investigate the performance on Windows operating systems. This is a list of our most popular free performance tools. Each has a dedicated page for more detail on the tool and a link to download.

AndThenThereWasPower! Walk-through the Windows Boot Process. A silverlight based app that walks you through the entire boot processs, from BIOS, to pre-boot, boot, and post-boot activities.
ATM View Memory Caches, including the 7 "Standby" caches.
DePrio Open file at specified memory priority.
Factorial Tool to act as an app that eats one CPU core.
HyperV_Mon Monitors Hyper-V Server and VMs, including "overhead". Version 3.0.2, supporting Hyper-V R1, R2, and R3.
IWillCrash Tool to act as an app that crashes itself when you click a button. Have a tool that is supposed to monitor for this?
LaunchTimeAnalyze Tool to Run scripts and measure Perceived Performance.
LeakMemory Tool to act as an app that leaks memory in a controlled way.
LoadDlls Tool to load a bunch of dlls. Used to test effect of Windows App prefetch.
MassiveRebase Tool to investigate dll rebasing and effect of ASLR.
PageMania Tool to act as a bad app and cause paging activity on demand.
ReadyViewer tool to analyze Windows ReadyBoost (flash caching).
SequentialRead Tool to read file sequentially or randomly on demand.
SuperFetch_Tools Two tools to investigate the SuperFetch database scenario files. First known tools ever to parse the "scenario files".
WhatsMyBoot Tool to analyze Windows ReadyBoot feature performance. Is your master image ready for VDI?

How do these tools Work?

Most are zip files of stand-alone programs that need no installer. Some use private kernel interfaces to achieve their goal. Some may require administrator privileges.

What do these tools cost?

TMurgent believes in giving back to the community.   These tools are free for for use by all.

What OSs will it run on?

Check the FAQ on any individual tool. Most will run on Windows Vista and Windows 7. At the time of this writing, the Windows 8 Beta version is the latest tested.

How do I install it?

No installer. Just download, unzip and copy the exe somewhere convenient.

Are there more free tools?

TMurgent has a bunch of other tools on this page. Usually they are free, unless you are a Software Vendor.