Type: Free  
Version:   February 18, 2019    

PsfTooling is a GUI tool for working with Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool and the Package Support Framework (PSF).  Use on the packaging VM  to inject and configure the PSF into your package.

The MSIX container presents challenges for certain applications, especially the older ones.  Microsoft created the Package Support Framework (PSF) to help address these, but you are on your own to implement it. It is only available in source code form up on GitHub here.

PsfTooling is a free community tool from TMurgent that helps you inject the PSF files, create the json based configuration for them, and fix up your shortcuts to use it.  And the tool includes a pre-built version of the PSF so you don't have to build it yourself.

First, watch this 15 minute video about the tool.  Then download it and start packaging!