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NOTE: Although still available, Silent-Install has been deprecated in favor or the newer PassiveInstall.

Silent-Install is a PowerShell based framework for the packaging of applications, independent of tooling that might be used to deploy the application.

Often, a companies IT department will intake software applications from a variety of vendors and prepare them for distribution within their company. This may involve a process whereby the application is installed and customized for the use as intended by that company.

This installation/customization may end up being performed on end-user systems directly, likely induced by an electronic software delivery (ESD) system such as SCCM, or a repackaging process using install-capture tools like Admin Studio or the App-V Sequencer.

Silent-Install provides a PowerShell based utility framework that includes two prototype invoking scripts and a support script module. One of the prototype scripts would be used to install dependencies (especially needed in situations involving the install-capture process when you do not want to capture these dependencies), and the other to silently install and configure the application.

Simple editing of the variables contained in the prototype scripts allows you to quickly and cleanly specify all of the common activities used to install and customize applications. The prototype scripts include commented out examples of these variables, and supports the addition of more PowerShell scripting for less standard activities.