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FAQ: Why is it called AppV_Manage?

5 years 3 months ago - 5 years 3 months ago #11 by Kahuna
FAQ: Why is it called AppV_Manage? was created by Kahuna
Q: Why is it called AppV_Manage? Just what the heck does it manage?

A: I suppose that I could claim that it allows you to manage the smoke test of new virtual applications. But that isn't right.

I started writing the software thinking of building a management tool to replace the App-V Management Server. As part of that, I wanted a front end component to provide information about the package, and as I started building that component, it became clear that what we really needed was a client-side test tool. To the purpose changed, but I never bothered to change the name.

I eventually did build the other tool, AVSS, which operates as a server-less way to distribute the App-V packages.
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