AppV_Manage Analyzer Report Generator Licensing

While AppV_Manage and the regular Analyzer are free licenses, we do charge a little for a license to the feature to use the analyzer to generate an enhanced package report.

The Report Generator feature produces a Microsoft Word compatible "DocX" file that documents the internals of your App-V Package. Microsoft Word is not required on the VM in order to generate the generated documents, however you will obviously need it somewhere to read them. This detailed report uses the information shown in the analyzer GUI, and enhances it with additional detail and further analysis not shown in the GUI.  It details the package history, extensions, and potential issues.  Additional integrations  and potential issues beyond those shown in the GUI (for example, potential ODBC issues) are documented in the file.

Sample Reports:       Office      Fiddler      IExplorerBar      AutoCAD      ODBC       CutePDF Driver   

These reports not only document your work, they provide a roadmap to what needs to be tested.  Use this information to guide to package testing and reduce UAT rejections.

The license allows for upgrades of AppV_Manage within a major version (from 4.x to 4.99), but a new major version may require a license upgrade.  We have two kinds of licensees, depending on your use:

  • 3rd Party Packager License. This license is good for use on as many PCs as is necessary for one person only.  The license is intended for Consultants and 3rd Party Packagers that are sequencing and testing applications on their own equipment and those packages will be used by another company.  You may use this license to produce documentation for all of your customers.  The cost of each 3rd Party Packager License is $100(USD)
  • Enterprise License This license is good for use on all PCs in the enterprise, at all sites, and by as many company employees as is needed, subject to the following restrictions.
    • Use is restricted to company owned PCs and VMs.  
    • The App-V packages must only be used by the enterprise that owns the license.

In other words, this license is only appropriate for people that are creating App-V packages for use inside their own company. If you are making packages for someone else to use and need to deliver this documentation, please buy your own license. The cost of the Enterprise License is $100(USD).


Once we receive your payment, we will generate and email you your license key and instructions  within 2 business days (usually faster, but there is a human involved).  The software is already included in all AppV_Manage releases; the license just activates the feature.


3rd Party Packager License:

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