Documentation of Tool Functions

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The AppV_Manage user interface consists of a multi-tabbed interface.  You click on one of the 9 tabs at the top of the dialog to select the major function that you want to work with.

The links in the following table will take you to a detail page with information on the functions available on that tab of the user interface. 

Topic  Link to Page 
Publishing Tab  AppV_Manage/227-appv-manage-tab-publishing
Client Packages Tab  AppV_Manage/228-appv-manage-tab-client-packages
Connection Groups Tab  AppV_Manage/229-appv-manage-tab-connection-groups
Debug Packages Tab  AppV_Manage/230-appv-manage-tab-debug-packages
Client Config Tab  AppV_Manage/231-appv-manage-tab-client-config
PS Results Tab  AppV_Manage/232-appv-manage-tab-ps-results
Event Viewer Tab  AppV_Manage/233-appv-manage-tab-event-viewer
Debug Events Tab  AppV_Manage/234-appv-manage-tab-debug-events
Tool Config Tab  AppV_Manage/235-appv-manage-tab-tool-config