PsfTooling 3.2 for MSIX Packaging

Today the PsfTooling version 3.2 was released in

the Microsoft Store toady. A free community tool, PsfTooling is used with MSIX Packaging tools where you want to add the latest version of the Package Support Framework (PSF) to your package.  This primarily means the Microsoft MSIX Packaging Tool (also free in the Store), but any vendor offering an installation monitoring …

What’s new in the PSF: December 2019

The Package Support Framework (PSF) is how we adapt traditional Win32 and DotNet programs to work inside of an MSIX container. The PSF is an Open Source Project found on GitHub and I often contribute to it to improve application compatibility.

This week completes the integration of another set of changes. The Pull Request (term used in Git for a …

MSIX Code Signing Certificates Part 2 – For IT Pros

Microsoft’s replacement for the ubiquitous MSI, MSIX, requires the use of code signing certificates to deploy the packages. This is part 2 of a two-part series on MSIX and Certificates. This one is aimed at IT Pros and part 1 was for Developers.

Part 2 Introduction

IT Pros have generally not needed to really deal with code signing certificates. …