About App-V 5 and Installers that delete things

One aspect of App-V that we rarely discuss is then when you are sequencing, the sequencer not only detects added folders, files, registry keys, and registry items, but it also pays attention to things that the installer removes. By this I am not referring to a temporary file added and then removed, but something that was present prior to …

PowerShell with App-V 5

PowerShell with App-V 5

With the release of Application Virtualization version 5.0, Microsoft changed out all of the old scripting and programming interfaces and replaced them with brand new PowerShell interface modules. In this book, the authors dig well below the limited online help that comes with the product to fully expose not only the PowerShell cmdlets, but also the

About Scripts in App-V 5.0

Scripting has changed in App-V 5.0.

[Editing Note: The graphic below was updated due to an editing error in the original post.  Thanks Mark C!  Tim 3/2015]

The scripts move from the OSD to the new “Dynamic Configuration Files”, and very different options are now available to us to customize actions at the client.

Microsoft’s Aurung wrote a blogpost

Better detection in 4.6SP2

You just gotta love how Microsoft sneaks things in.

4.6SP2 is pretty much a rollup of hotfixes (almost all of them since 4.6SP1 came out), plus support for Windows 8, Server 2012, and additional client changes for transitional dual client scenarios with App-V 5. As always, you should check the Readme documentation for details, but in the time honored tradition …

App-V 4.6* and the case of the bad URL

 401   We ran into this in our Masters Level App-V Training class this week. We love to try things “outside the box” in these classes because we always learn more. Thanks to Mike from the UK for coming up with this one!

When we sequence a package, the sequencer goes to great lengths to translate hard coded paths

Video: Tim and 5 other App-V MVPs interviewed by TechTarget’s Colin Steele.

In October, we had a group of 6 App-V MVPs together in Boston to meet with the App-V development team. We had an opportunity to shoot an interview at that time with TechTarget’s Colin Steele. We were handcuffed in that we couldn’t disclose information we knew about (under NDA) the final App-V release, but we were free to talk about …