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AppV_DeployNPublishApp with VDI

Overview of the Solution

This guide provides information on how to deploy Virtual Desktops (using any VDI vendor) using Microsoft Application Virtualization (App-V) client in stand-alone mode and read-only cache, by using the free AppV_DeployNPublish tools from this site.

This combination allows for combining the benefits of VDI with the best appliction virtualization platform. This is done with minimal infrastructure and efficient storage.

The first drawing below is an overview of the steps needed to prepare images with pre-cached virtual applications located in an external read-only cache file. (Click on image belowto enlage).

VDI_Session image

The next drawing below represents how the finished system works. Disk storage is reduced in the Golden Image by extracting the large cache of virtualized applications. This reduction causes a significant reduction in the overhead associated with making a run-time copy when a VDI user starts a session, and (depending on VDI platform design) potentially another significant savings when the user logs off. (Click on image belowto enlage).

VDI_Session image