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Future Updates of Virtual Applications

Because the VDI images use the App-V cache in read-only mode, the technique to update or add packages will be to update both the extracted cache file and the Golden Image. The latter is necessary because new or altered OSD and ICO files must be added.

A summary of the steps to update follow. If you understand how to make the original Golden Image, this summary should suffice.

  • Log into a copy of the Golden Image as an Administrator as a non-VDI session.
  • Disable the App-V Services.
  • Reboot and log in again.
  • Copy the extracted cache file image (fsd) back to the image.
  • Edit the registry FileName and ReadOnlyFSD (set to zero).
  • Set the App-V to Automatic.
  • Reboot and log in again.
  • Deploy additional alls using AppV_DeployApp.
  • To update existing apps, update the ContentLink symbolic link to point to the updated package. Then stream in the update (load the app using the App-V Client Management Console, sftmime command, or just launch the app).
  • Extract off the fsd and reconfigure the client using the instructions for making the original image.