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Configure RO Cache

In this step, we will configure the App-V client to use the extracted cache file in read-only mode, restore the services, and clean up.

First we use regedit to configure the App-V Client. We need to change two existing registry settings and create a new one. Do the following:

  • FileName: Edit this string to point to the symbolic link on the SAN share. To ease the process of updating the cache later on, I prefer to make a copy of the existing value.
  • ReadOnlyFSD: Edit this DWORD and set it to 1 (one).
  • ErrorLogLocation: Create this string and point it to a local file. When not present, the client will write to a etl file in the same folder as the fsd file. Adding this entry will direct the error file to be local to the VDI image.

Change the two services back to automatic mode.

Reboot the OS.

Once the reboot is complete. Log in and remove the local sftfs.fsd file. If you did everything correctly, you will be able to delete the file. Remember to empty the recycling bin to completly remove it from the disk.

Finally, test a virtual application to ensure everything has been configured properly.

Your Golden Image is now complete, at least as far as App-V is concerned.

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