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Sequencing VideoLan VLC - Failed to capture File extensions

3 years 6 days ago #128 by SurajM
I had sequenced VideoLan VLC using App-V 5.1 where I included only 2 shortcuts - "VLC media player" and "VLC media player skinned" and rest all the shortcut I deleted from sequencer shortcut tab. However when I saved the package and installed .appv file on App-V Client machine I got very strange behavior.
I could launched the shortcuts without any issues but my application did not create the context menu. In a nutshell, if I create .mp3 or .mp4 or any other audio/video file and right click on it then I did not find context menu options "Add to VLC media player list" and "Play with VLC media player".
After troubleshooting I found that the actual culprit was the deleted shortcut "VLC media player - reset preferences and cache files". If this shortcut is not deleted during sequencing then package creates context menu options and add all the file extensions properly. If shortcut is removed then it removes all the extensions and context menu ( but extension registry is still available in virtual registry).
I am loosing my hairs but no luck in understanding why those context menu entries are getting deleted because of "VLC media player - reset preferences and cache files" lnk removal.
Has anyone faced such issue during sequencing and testing VLC media player application ? Please note we don't want to keep preferences shortcut in our package. I know by editing deployment config xml I can achieve it but I want technical reason of file extension removal.

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