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AVSS Self Service Portal Feature Wish (authorized-App groups w USERS AND GROUPS)

1 year 2 months ago - 1 year 2 months ago #335 by tvh
Hello, the AVSS Tool right now understands authorized-App groups which only contain USERS, but not GROUPS. If you are a big organization, it is painful to add dozens of users to each authorized-App group. It would be easier to add GROUPs to the Authorized-App Group, maybe a few single users too. For example:
The Firefox.appv app may be used by the sales department and the support department

the AD groups "sales" and "support" contain users. The AVSS group "Firefox" for authorizing app use by the two departments contains the groups "sales" and "support". This does not work, instead adding the users direcly works .

Is there any chance to get this group feature included sometime?
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