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Private/Semi-Private Training Class and Down-Payment

You should be directed to this page only after registerring over the phone or email coorespondence. Please Email Mary Jane or phone at (+1) 781-535-4954 to work out your requirements, logistics, and costs. In addition through paying online, Mary Jane can also make arrangements for wire transfer payments.

This page is to be used to make the initial payment to reserve the class. This initial payment is $3000USD.  Please enter your email address and company name confirmation, then click the "Pay Now" button.

When you click on the button, you will be directed to our secure payment provider (PayPal) to complete the transaction. TMurgent never actually sees your card information to better assure PCI compliance. You do not need your own PayPal account; you may use any major Credit Card or your PayPal account for this transaction.

Please ensure that the card has a limit that can handle this transaction! You may use multiple payment transactions if needed to reach the total amount, but be aware that charging identical amounts to the same card on the same day may generate a call from your card provider to confirm accuracy (so feel free to wait a day).

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