Courses in this catalog relate to Microsoft Application Virtualization, known as App-V.

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This course covers the trial installation and subsequent license registration of TMEdit - the offline App-V package editor from TMurgent Technologies.


Purpose: This course covers installation of the AppV_Manage tool.

Learning Goal(s): Upon completion of this course you will be completely knowledgeable about the purpose of the tool and how it may be installed, configured, and maintained.

Course Organization: The course consists of 8 simple modules, most of which involve reading information or watching short videos.  In the final module, you will install and configure AppV_Manage on your own equipment and verify your success to complete the course.

Course Length: This is a course that you should be able to complete over a lunch break.

Course Pre-requisites: None.

Completion:  Receive the Install and Configure AppV_Manage badge.


Learn all about automated batch sequencing using the new AutoSequencer in the ADK for Windows 10 Release 1709 or later.