1703 App-V Sequencer and Templates

One of the new features of the 1703 Sequencer mentioned in TechNet “What’s New” page involves templates.

No, Microsoft didn’t do what we asked to make it easy to always load the sequencer with a Template using a registry setting like we did in 4.x. But they did solve an issue that traps everyone when updating packages. The issue is that when you open up a package for update or editing, you must use the same settings that were used when creating the original package. This includes any changes in the tools/settings (this includes changes to the exclusion list), as well as checkboxes on the advanced tab of the sequencer editor. These are all things that are captured in a template file. When I train people in App-V Sequencing, I encourage them to save off a template file of any package that they make changes to these settings. This aids in updating packages and connection groups. I find this information is rarely properly documented by the packager.

The change is pretty simple. When you perform the initial sequence of a package, you automatically save a template file inside the package that matches the settings present when you saved the package. The sequencer automatically uses the template inside that package when you open the saved off package for upgrade/editing. You can even rename a copy of the .AppV file to .Zip and extract the file when you decide to repackage or create a connection group.

Update: I forgot to mention that support for detection of the template fie in included in the current version of AppV_Manage package analyzer (has been since version 5.4.0).